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At Mediacare Hospital, we promise to help ease your physical pain and make your recovery as smooth as possible. Our goal is to offer all the facilities you need in one place, making your healing journey hassle-free.


Experience top-notch medical care round the clock at our Medicare Hospital facilities. From fractures to surgical emergencies, our expert team ensures 24-hour care for all your medical needs.  prioritize your mobility and well-being.

Medicare Hospital Specializing in bone and joint surgeries, including joint replacements and arthroscopy, as well as spine surgeries, we prioritize your mobility and well-being.

Our hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostics, including digital X-ray, pathology, sonography, and ultrasound, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment planning. Our dedication to comprehensive care extends to physiotherapy services and ElectroCardioGram (E.C.G) monitoring. Additionally, our state-of-the-art facilities offer endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries, plastic surgery, ENT treatments, and cosmetology services.

We offer a wide range of services including general medicine, surgery, urology, varicose vein surgery, and treatments for hernias, appendicitis, and gall bladder issues.

For expectant mothers, our Obstetrics and Gynaecology department provides exceptional maternity care.

We cater to all age groups, providing specialized pediatric care alongside general ward, semi-deluxe, and deluxe room accommodations for your comfort.

At Medicare Hospital, we prioritize your convenience and peace of mind. Benefit from cashless Mediclaim options, central oxygen supply, and computerized indoor billing. Whether it's routine check-ups or multi-specialty care, trust us to deliver excellence in healthcare every step of the way.

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We take all safety measures for patient.

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Marol Naka Metro Station, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E) - 400059​

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+91 7208078348
+91 9137600643

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9 AM - 11 PM ,
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Welcome to Medicare Hospital, the leading orthopaedic treatment center in Marol, Mumbai, specializing in comprehensive care for bone, joint, and muscle conditions. Trust our experienced specialists and advanced diagnostic services for exceptional orthopaedic healthcare.

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